What Do You Have the Power to Create in Your Life

It is difficult to prosper in life, without having high expectations for yourself. If your life is not quite where is should be, it might be time to ask yourself what your expectations are. Many of us simply expect to fail, or perhaps simply do not expect to truly succeed.  Expecting the best for yourself means learning how to have hope again. Maybe you aren’t successful, because you don’t really believe you deserve it! Now there’s a novel concept.

When you raise your expectations and begin to focus on your unlimited potential, you can accomplish anything that you desire and more. When you get back that childhood enthusiasm, you can get excited about your life again. You can live your life as if your greatest moments still lie ahead. You can live your life as if every decision you make, good or bad, is part of your unfolding destiny. You can live your life as if everything that happens to you plays a part in the theatre of your life.  You can live your life as if the best is yet to come. In order to raise your expectations, you have to learn how to get out of your own way. You were born fully equipped with everything you need to fulfill your dreams. You have always had what it takes to overcome every obstacle. It is time you are reminded of this today. You have to stop struggling and start living.

Have ever stopped to ask yourself why you not more successful? We all have a million reasons or shall I say excuses as to why things are like they are. In the end, none of that really matters if you can’t support yourself or put food on the table. Life can be very challenging and the Universe often tests us at every turn. What are the reasons you tell yourself why you aren’t more successful?  Many of us have valid reasons like: I would have more money if………I would have been able to get ahead if……….I was in a good place until this happened……….If it hadn’t been for that, I would be much better off. We all have challenges, believe me I know.

If life throws you lemons, you had better learn how to make a great glass of lemonade if you are going to learn how to survive. The secret to success is to get out of your own way and stop making excuses. Find a way to make it happen, no matter what you have to do. The Universe supports those with grit and determination. Many of us just get used to the way things are and it is difficult to break out of a spinning circle. Much like a set point with your weight, you can also have a set point for your happiness and success and it is often difficult to break through and learn how to expect more.

This book will show you how to break through your set point or your personal glass ceiling starting with learning how the art of allowing works. The truth of the matter is you can have it all; you just have to learn how to raise your expectations and learn how to have hope again. In order to manifest change in your life you must be willing to do something different, or better yet you must be willing to do SOMETHING! For many of us, one of the most difficult things in life is learning how to take inspired action. We sit around blaming ourselves making excuses waiting for the magic to happen and we are disappointed when it doesn’t come. We seem to find so many things that need to be done that we find ourselves getting caught up in the minutia, and this keeps us from moving forward.

Do you feel “stuck”? Do you find it difficult to make changes? Do you make great plans, but fail to take action? Do you have good intentions, but fall short on the follow though? The truth of the matter is that no one can accomplish anything by standing still. Everything you do in life requires you to take action!

If you have tried to make changes and failed, you are certainly not alone. Change is one of the hardest things most of us have to do in life.  Many of us stay stuck in situations because we can’t figure a way out. Much like being stuck in the maze of life, you are not going to get very far if you have low expectations.

Most of us are programmed from an early age on what to expect. We are taught how to think, how to act and how to feel. These subconscious thoughts or set points are programmed into our mind where they become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact of the matter is that your subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and imagination; it simply records and replays everything you have even known or come in contact with. If you want to change your life, you need to begin by changing your expectations. You need to learn how to expect more.

When you learn how to raise your expectations and get really clear about what you want, everything and everyone conspires to support you.  When you align with your intentions, you have a much better chance of success.

There is no mystery to achieving success – it is available and accessible to everyone. When you begin to understand the Universal Law of Expectation, you can begin to live in accordance with your own divine destiny.Stop and reflect:

Ask yourself what you are expecting out of your life. Do you expect to fail or do you expect to succeed? Be honest with yourself and spend some time thinking about why you don’t expect more.

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