How to Use Self Hypnosis For Stress Management

Self hypnosis has become more and more popular over the past years. We can use self hypnosis to deal with the stress in your life effectively. Every one of us has experienced the feelings of stress and stress is just a normal part of life. But if we cann’t handle stress properly, it will severly affect our health and normal life.

Self hypnosis works by putting yourself into a deep state of relaxation and implanting positive thoughts instead of negative ones to your subconscious mind.

Self hypnosis is not as mystical  as you think. You can learn some self hypnosis techniques easily for better stress management.  Self hypnosis will give you positive affirmations  to boost your self-confidence and make you believe “I can do it”. What’s more, self hypnosis is free and you don’t need a hypnotist. You can perform self hypnosis at home.

How does stress affect your health?

Now the pace of life is so fast that too many of us are living with too much stress. Stress can make your body release hormones such as cortisol  which will do harm to your health over time. The best solution to manage stress is relaxation. Relaxation can help decrease the amount of cortisol in your body. Take a break after working for a period of time. Self hypnosis only takes you a few minutes daily and can effectively relieve the stress in your life.

The steps of self-hypnosis are as follows.

1. Create your affirmations script.

Positive affirmations work well with hypnosis. Firstly, find out the stressful things you want to overcome. Write down a positive sentence for each one. Use “I can” instead of “I cann’t”. You should prepare the affirmations script beforehand. Because once you are in a state of hypnosis, anything you feel uncomfortable will easily make you break from the hypnotic trance.

2. Find the best place to perform self-hypnosis.

If you have pets in your home, try to stay away from them. Turn off your telephone. The place should be quiet and comfortable to  ensure you not distracted by others.

3. Relax yourself.

Sit in a position you feel most comfortable. Now we will use self-hypnosis to become deeply relaxed. Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat. Begin to breath deeply and slowly. Use your prepared affirmations script to suggest yourself. Read it silently. For example, “I’m feeling more and more better” or “I’m feeling more and more relaxed”. When you exhale, just imagine all the stress are coming out of your body. Continue the process.

4. Imagination.

Imagine a picture in your mind. It can be a sandy beach or a beautiful garden which make you feel positive and relaxed. Imagine that you are in this quiet and tranquil place. Imagery can be very useful to help you relax completely.

5. Repitition

Repeat the whole process. This hypnosis session can help make these positive feelings and thoughts branded in your subconscious mind.


You can design your own style of hypnosis session. If you feel more relaxed with music, why not listen to soft music in your hypnosis? Self hypnosis is simple and very effective to manage stress. Anyway, it won’t do harm to your health. Why not try it?

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