Ultimate Guide On How To Hypnotize Someone Step By Step

how to hypnotise a person

Hypnotic trance is one conscious state of human instinct. When people in a state of relaxation take a hint, they will easily obey others’ command and take a response. Below will introduce 5 basic steps to hypnotize someone instantly. It’s easy for you to learn and to use.

Step 1 of 5: Diagnosis

You should understand the motivation and demand of your partner. Make an inquiry about his existing views on hypnosis and settle his doubts about hypnosis. Make sure that he knows what will happen during hypnosis to avoid unreasonable expectations.

Step 2 of 5: Induction

You’d better choose a quiet, cosy and warm environment to make your partner feel relaxed, comfortable and safe of himself. Ask your partner to lie down on a comfortable bed and let him adjust to the bed. When he has prepared for hypnosis, then we can get started.

We will use progressive relaxation method to hypnotize him. Speak leisurely with a steady, soothing and low voice. You can use words like this:

“Now,adjust your body in the most comfortable position.”

“Please close your eyes. Close your eyes, you will begin to relax.”

“Pay attention to your feelings. Let your soul scans from head to toe slowly like a scanner. Where your soul scans, there will be relaxed.”
“From now on, you find that your heart turns to be calm. As if you entered into another wonderful world far away from earthliness. You can only hear my voice and background music. Other noise from the outside won’t disturb you.”
“Now, pay attention to your breath. You should take a very deep deep-breathing, regular deep-breathing. Slowly breather the air, then slowly breathe out the air.”

“When you inhale, imagine that you breathe the oxygen of the air. The oxygen flow through your body and penetrate your blood. These wonderful oxygen make your body full of fresh energy.”

“When you exhale, imagine that you breathe out all the carbon dioxide in your body and breathe out all the tiredness, annoyance and tension. Let all the displeasure and discomfort leave away from you.”

“Every deep-breathing will bring you in a deeper, more relaxing and more comfortable state.”

“From now on, continue taking a deep breath. You listen to my guide when you take a deep breath. Naturally, you don’t need to think anything and you don’t want to think. Just follow my guide, very soon you will enter into a very deep, very comfortable hypnosis trance. ”

“Now, pay attention to the top of your head. Relax your scalp…”

“Relax your skull, too…”

“Pay attention to your eyebrow. Relax the muscle around your eyebrow…”

“Relax the muscle around your ears…”

“Relax the muscle around your cheek…”

“Relax the muscle around your chin…”

“Relax your neck…”

“Relax your shoulder. Your shoulder bears much tension and pressure ordinarily and now release them out.”

“Relax your left hand…”

“Relax your right hand…”

“Pay attention to your chest. Relax both the bone and muscle around your chest…”

“Pay attention to your back. Relax both the spine and muscle …”

“Relax the muscle of abdomen thoroughly like a dream, then your breath will be much deeper and more relaxing…”
“Relax your left leg…”

Relax your right leg…”

“Continue keeping a deep breath. Every time you take a deep breath, you feel more relaxed and more comfortable.”
When the partner’s facial expression grow composed and breath grow slight, we can make sure that he has enter into light hypnosis trance.

Step 3 of 5: Deepening

Here we will use the time-honored and well-tried Dave Elman technique. For information in detail, please visit here: http://www.wikihow.com/Hypnotize-Someone-Using-The-Dave-Elman-Technique

We will guide our partner from light hypnosis trance to deeper hypnosis trance.

Step 4 of 5: Healing

I think this phase is the most fascinating section of hypnotic therapy. You will really feel happy for quite a few days when you heal a patient.

Step 5 of 5: Ending

We will guide our partner from hypnosis trance to a normal state of consciousness. Tell your partner you are going to count backwards. When you reach one, tell them their eyes will open and they will feel relaxed. Make sure you count slowly with your voice getting less soothing and more awake with each number.

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