Top 7 Hypnosis Myths 90% Of People Believe

Hypnosis seems mysterious to lots of us.
There is no other thing more misunderstood than hypnosis.
To help you have a better understanding of how hypnosis works, I have collected a list of top 7 most common misconceptions about hypnosis.

No.1 People With High Intelligence Can Not Be Hypnotized. [Tweet]

This is the complete opposite of the facts. Usually, an experienced hypnotist will ask the client to relax and focus his or her attention. This is because when people focus on something, they will get into trance states which are necessary to be hypnotized. People with low IQ have more difficulty focusing and accessing their subconscious mind. On the contrary, people with high IQ are more suggestible and more likely to be hypnotized.

No.2 People who are hypnotized are sleeping and dreaming. [Tweet]

The truth is that people in state of hypnosis have full control of themseleves. You still know what’s going on around you. You can end hypnosis anytime you feel the need. In fact, being aware is crucial to the success of hypnotherapy. If you are unaware of what’s happening, hypnosis will lose its meaning.

No.3 Once hypnotized I will do anything the hypnotist wants. [Tweet]

This myth probably comes from stage hypnosis shows. Stage hypnotists are experts of judging people’s personalities. By lowering your inhibition levels, they can ask you to do something similar to what you will do when you have a few drinks. In fact, during the whole process of hypnosis you only accept suggestions you agree to. A hypnotist will fail if he asks you to do something you don’t agree with.

No.4 You can be hypnotized just because you will is weak. [Tweet]

Hypnosis has nothing to do with a person’s will. Will power is the ability to process certain pieces of information at any given time. When your imagination becomes rich, you will power becomes poor. A man with a strong will can be hypnotized if he really wants to.

No.5 I cann’t remember things happened under hypnosis. [Tweet]

If the goal of the hypnosis is to help you forget some past things that hurt you so much, your memory of painful past will become blur. If the goal of the hypnosis is to encourage you to explore past things, your memory of past life will become vivid.

No.6 I will never wake up from the hypnotic trance. [Tweet]

The more common cases are that people enjoy this hypnotic trance and they don’t want it to end. Even without the help of a hypnotist, you will wake up normally when something distracts your attention.

No.7 All my secrets will be revealed when I’m under hypnosis. [Tweet]

What’s interseting is that, under hypnosis your mind becomes so creative that you can talk as fluent as a journalist. You have control of yourself. You will only say what you want to say.
I hope this post is helpful and you have more understanding of hypnosis.

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