The Little Town of Fear

Do you live in the town of fear?

It turns out happiness is not a place or even a destination; it’s a decision you must consciously make. No one can give it to you, and no one can take it away. You have the ultimate say when it comes to your happiness, whether you believe that or not. I would like to tell you a little story now, because I find that stories can really help people absorb information better. Stories help us tap into the right side of our brain, which is our creative side.

Based off of the teaching tales utilized by Milton Erickson, these stories can help those of you who are logical left-brain learners connect with the creative right side of your brain. By using a left-brain/right-brain multi-faceted approach to learning, the message becomes much more powerful.

These stories are meant to be light hearted and heartwarming, and they give you a new way to absorb knowledge. Story telling has been utilized for hundreds of years because people love hearing stories.There once lived a young woman who lived in a small town.

She lived in the poorest part of the town. Poverty and fear were all she knew. This pattern had continued generation after generation. Her insecurities and her fears paralyzed her to the point that she was afraid of everyone and everything. No one in her family had ever broken out of this cycle of fear. Her limiting beliefs kept her trapped much like an animal in a small cage.

She acted from a place of self-preservation. She never felt good enough, or special enough or important enough. No one praised her. No one acknowledged her. She felt vulnerable and weak. She was afraid to speak up and afraid to be seen. She never felt like she had the capacity or the power to change. Every day she would wake up to the same sad story. She had lost her ability to hope and lost her ability to dream.

Unfortunately her family perpetuated this fear. They told her, as their parents had told them, that this was their lot in life. Her fears grew day by day. She was terrified of everything. She shut everyone out. She lived inside herself. She hid in the darkness and she spent all of her time avoiding the main roads, traveling silently along the hidden paths. She stepped away from the spotlight – yet she feared change. She was comfortable in this dark place, for it was all she knew.

When she left the house, which wasn’t much, she wore a dark cloak and she was afraid at each corner. She imagined that the whole world was against her and she felt as if there was nothing good in the world. Her fears had taken over and her fears had stolen her life. She dreaded change because this world was all she knew. She couldn’t imagine a world where there was hope.One day though – everything changed.

One day while she was out walking she saw an old man. He sat on a park bench. Every day he would smile at her and tip his hat. She feared he was dangerous but he kept up this routine. One day she smiled back at him and actually got the courage to sit down. He told her he had been waiting for this day. He asked her to stay a while and she agreed. At first they sat for hours sometimes in complete silence. However, he had great patience.

One day the old man began telling her a story – a story of hope. He told her many stories that inspired her. He spoke of distant lands and faraway places. He told her tales about people that lived amazing lives. He spoke of the ability to embrace change. He told her life was about change and growth and opportunities. He told her of a world beyond her own. At first she had trouble picturing it – but the more he talked the more her imagination grew. She was fascinated with this man – and she looked forward to hearing his tall tales.

He had opened up her mind to new things. He told her there was nothing to fear – nothing but the fear itself. Fear was the enemy. Fear was what held everyone back. He told her she was special. He told her she was loved. He told her she had a gift to share with the world and that he was sent to help her embrace change. One day though – she came upon the bench and the man was gone. She asked around but no one knew of him and no one had seen him. She felt sad, so very sad.

She spent a few days locked in the house – and her fears began consuming her once again like a dark enemy from within. She felt as if she had to honor the old man’s wish – that she embrace change and overcome her fears. One day she ventured back out – walking along the same silent path.

One day she met someone much like herself. She met a small child – a child who had nothing. She asked the child where her parent’s were and the child said she had none. She told the woman she was homeless and living on the street. This broke the woman’s heart. She couldn’t bear the thought of this beautiful little girl living a life with no hope. She made an incredible decision that would change her life. She reached out to this tiny child and gave her a home.

She took the child in – this child so much like herself. She couldn’t stand the thought of this child growing up as she had, with no hope. Somehow the love that was in her heart began to grow and take seed. This tiny little being had planted the seed. She finally had someone to nurture – someone to love. This child was her world. She began to feel hope for the first time in a long time. She remembered what the old man had told her – that there was nothing to fear but the fear itself.She began to believe that perhaps she was meant for more.

She refused to believe that her child would continue to perpetuate the fear that had consumed her. She had had enough of the fear. She decided to break through it. Not knowing where to start, for she had little to call her own, she began to break down this fear by making up stories, beautiful heart wrenching stories of hope, just like the old man had done.

She told the child that she was loved. She told the child that she was capable of anything and everything. She hugged and loved the child with all of her heart. She had little to give but her heart was beginning to open. Every day she and the child would walk just a little bit farther – she was determined to conquer her fears once and for all.

She refused to believe that her child was not put here on this earth for a divine reason. Every story she made up made the child smile. They began to create stories together. They began to hope and they began to dream. They dreamed of a better life. They dreamed of living in a prosperous town where people showed affection and appreciation. They had nothing to go on but their imagination – but that was enough.

Slowly, things began to change. A new world began to appear. People would stop on the street and introduce themselves. She and the child gave people hope. They began to spread their stories of love and inspiration. New opportunities began presenting themselves as if by magic.

Little by little their lives began to change. They became the director and the producer of their own little stage. They begin acting differently and this caused them to see things in a new light. The wall of fear began to break down. Soon the fear had no fire to fuel it. The fear began moving away – onto another victim in another town. The fear never returned. She and the child spent their lives motivating and inspiring other people. Their stories were magical and mysterious. They spoke of far away places and distant lands. They spoke of a life where dreams really do come true.

One day while they were out walking – they suddenly saw the old man out of the corner of their eyes. He smiled and beckoned them over. He told them he was sent to the woman from a place beyond this world. He was sent to deliver a message and once the message had been received, there was no need for him to stay. His job was complete. He told the young woman how proud of her he was that she had received his message and passed it along to the young child.

He told her that her gift lied in her ability to motivate and inspire others. She was put on this earth to help people embrace change. Her story would change lives, millions of lives. She and the child were destined for greatness. He told her that he couldn’t stay – but if they needed him all they had to do was pray a simple prayer.Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of fear, for fear has no power. Embrace change and pray for change and change will come. It is your divine right.

With that simple phrase he left. She knew that she was no longer afraid. She had conquered her fears. She knew that everything was happening in the perfect time in the perfect way. She was indeed blessed because now she had hope.

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