The Happiness Quotient

What does it take to have amazing happiness and peace of mind – money, friends, a big house, perfect health? For many of us, happiness is an elusive quality – and one we are constantly searching for. If happiness is a gift – how do we get it?

I see so many stressed out people in the world that it really makes me wonder how many of us are truly happy and how many of us are simply trapped in the illusion of the struggle. Happiness is something we all wish we could have more of, but how do we get there?

I know people who have struggled for years on end, and I wonder what it really takes to be happy. Money doesn’t necessarily get you there either, because none of us are immune to life’s problems.Life is made up of many different moments.

We all have moments in our lives that we keep referring back to, moments in time when we were “happy”. For me, one of those moments was when I was a little girl and my sister and I would spend the night at our grandparent’s house.

My grandfather, Papa as we called him, had of way of making each one of us feel very special. He used to create special activities for us to do for fun, and none of them required any money. We would sit together on their rooftop porch at the Funeral Home they lived in and stare up at the sky at night and look for stars, marking on a piece of paper where the stars were, then connecting the dots just for fun. I still have vivid memories of the blue patterned blanket we used to curl up in. That blanket meant so much to my sister and I that we saved it and cut it up for each of us to share. If I close my eyes, I can still take myself there to that rooftop porch with the multi-colored plastic owl lights that were hung across the rail, and just for a moment, I can experience that same happy feeling once again.It makes me sad that this thing called “happiness” is so difficult to find.Perhaps we all need a magical island we could all go to where we could all finally “be happy”. On this island, we would have no problems. We would all have amazing, satisfying relationships, perfect health, wonderful friends and family and amazing lives. Our days would be filled with spa treatments, naps and wonderful meals. In the evening we would all get together and share stories at the beach in front of a roaring fire. At night, we would cuddle up with the ones we loved and have amazing dreams.Happiness, for many of us, is relevant because the formula is different for all of us.

I see people who gripe about how their fathers make them crazy, and it makes me sad, because I don’t have the option of arguing with my father any longer and I would give the world just to have one more conversation. I see people complaining about their children, and then I see people who lost their children, and I know that they would give anything in the world to have those moments back again, just so they could give their child a hug.I think happiness is not a place we can go to, but rather a state of mind or an attitude.I think we have to decide to be happy, plain and simple. When we were children, my parents would take us to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida every year where we would spend a week with the same group of family and friends. I have very happy memories from those trips and I would give anything to go back there and relive them again. We used to sit around at night with our feet up on the sea wall where we would watch the old sea turtles come in and lay their eggs. If I close my eyes, I can still hear the ocean in my mind and it makes me very happy. I had my first kiss in this magical place, and my first “boyfriend”. It was a very happy time and it was beautiful and lovely and I wish I could go back, even for only a moment.So many of us are beaten down by life’s problems – I wish more people realized that we all have amazing gifts and abilities in our lives, all within the power of our own mind.It is my opinion that happiness is merely a state of mind, because our subconscious mind simply repeats backs to us whatever has been “programmed” into it, much like a computer.

If you ask me, our mind controls everything, from our health to our happiness. It’s high time for us to replace all of those negative messages with more uplifting ones. It’s high time for all of us to take that trip to that magical island and have our software, or shall I say our mind, rebooted once and for all.Yes, it’s time for us to be happy, no matter what the cost. If happiness is a gift – I would like to give each and every one of you this gift because we all deserve to be happy. What makes you happy?

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