Using Self Hypnosis as A Tool to Attain Better Health

Self hypnosis is a term which originates from hypnosis. Before self hypnosis two persons are necessary to perform hypnosis, one act as hypnotist and another one as subject undergoing hypnosis. The involvement of two persons makes hypnosis a complex process because at times the person who needs hypnosis is too shy to talk to another person regarding any mental or physical problem. [Read more...]

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

The habit of cigarette smoking is one that is both a physical addiction and a habit that can become doubly hard to break when the time comes to get serious about ending the smoking behavior. Some of the methods used over the years for people to try to stop smoking have included “cold turkey” method, of just stopping and trying to use their willpower to be a nonsmoker, all the way to getting patches, gums or other medications to try and break the cycle of addiction. When the methods just mentioned have failed, many people who are serious about stopping smoking have tried self hypnosis. It is a known fact that the changing of the subconscious mind is the key to changing conscious behaviors and that is the basis of ending smoking addiction by changing the thought patterns in the subconscious mind. [Read more...]

Can Anyone Learn Self Hypnosis?

Virtually everyone has some area of their lives that they feel needs to improve or somehow change. Many of those changes would indeed improve the quality of life or business success for those individuals. The question then becomes, just how can that change be accomplished? While there is no single answer that will resolve the issues for every individual, one area that shows a great deal of promise is self hypnosis. Self hypnosis allows a sort of “cleansing” of the mind, which permits individuals to concentrate on the steps needed to resolve the issues. But, can just anyone learn self hypnosis? [Read more...]