Using Hypnosis to Overcome Medical Anxiety

Recently, a lot of clients have been coming to me because of fears, stress and anxiety about their physical health, their medical conditions or their medical treatments. First of all, my hat is off to the MDs that have been recommending their patients for hypnosis. Facing new developments in our bodies and our health can be an extremely emotional experience, and many medical tests and treatments, though necessary and often life-saving, can seem freightening when first described. Add to this the fears about what the possible outcomes might be, and you have a recipe for anxiety and stress. [Read more...]

How Hypnosis Can Make You a More Assured Particular person

Whilst other people bring to mind hypnosis they steadily put out of your mind the possibility that it might well help them gain extra trust and support their self-esteem. You could bring to mind it so to quit smoking or drop pounds but hypnosis is not only for giving up dangerous conduct or phobias. Hypnosis can be used to increase sure characteristics that have an impact on your existence in addition to eliminate the negative. [Read more...]

Hypnosis for IBS – New Study Published

A new study being released in the July issue of Int. Journal of Clinical Hypnosis reports that hypnosis is effective in more than reducing IBS symptoms. Renowned gastroentrologist Dr. P. Whorwell has been studying IBS relief with hypnosis for over 20 years. In this latest study he discusses the other benefits for individuals with IBS. IBS is a condition in which sufferers may experience severe diarrhea, constipation, pain, gas and other symptoms. [Read more...]