Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

The habit of cigarette smoking is one that is both a physical addiction and a habit that can become doubly hard to break when the time comes to get serious about ending the smoking behavior. Some of the methods used over the years for people to try to stop smoking have included “cold turkey” method, of just stopping and trying to use their willpower to be a nonsmoker, all the way to getting patches, gums or other medications to try and break the cycle of addiction. When the methods just mentioned have failed, many people who are serious about stopping smoking have tried self hypnosis. It is a known fact that the changing of the subconscious mind is the key to changing conscious behaviors and that is the basis of ending smoking addiction by changing the thought patterns in the subconscious mind.

The first step in any self hypnosis technique is relaxation. The relaxed person is more open to suggestions and once the body has let go of stress and tension, the mind is more open to the changes that will help the person achieve the desired goal. When in the more relaxed state, it is also possible to clearly visualize the desired behavior and to see it as being real, thus beginning to affect change in the subconscious layer of the mind. Using written scripts, or suggestions in verbal form is another component of a self hypnosis regimen. There are often key phrases that will be repeated in order to begin to alter the behavior patterns as desired.

Once the person who wishes to quit smoking is in the relaxed state where they are open to suggestions, the visualization can begin to take place as well. The benefit of visualization is that when the person forms the image in their mind of themselves as a non smoker, it will lead a greater ease of that manifesting itself in their waking life as well. The technique known as “dissociated visualization” is much like the  idea of watching oneself from outside, a bit like seeing yourself on a television screen. Enough time spent in this sort of mental imagery can result in the actual behavior becoming reality with a greater certainty.

When practicing self hypnosis and visualizing the future of their life as a non smoker, it is very important that there be no wavering from that premise. You must clearly think with strong conviction that you will be a nonsmoker and you will quit smoking. This will lead to the natural outcome of becoming the nonsmoker you desire to be. The person who works toward this goal must use their creativity and imagination to think of vivid images that are evocative to them and that will stir them to action. There are many words that carry emotional charges that can be used to help support this success. Words that tend to stir emotional responses such as “vibrant”, “sparkling”,”loving”, “generous”, “exciting” and “beautiful” will all help with engaging the mind to action.

The images used as the visualization component of self hypnosis are very important. The stronger and more dramatic the image is, the more effective it is sure to be. For example, imagining tobacco smoke and associating that in the mind with something very vile and revolting will help make the concept of smoking something repellent and no longer appealing.

It is well known that the self hypnosis techniques mentioned here can really help you quit smoking. The vast majority of people who have used the power of suggestion to create a desired change in their life have seen success and been surprised at how simple yet effective it can be. Visualize yourself as a nonsmoker and that image can be your reality.

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