Little-known Hypnosis Secrets of the World’s TOP 200 CEO’s

Many of us want to know the success secret of  the world’s top 200 CEOs, don’t you?

A research company tried to fathom this question.

They carefully designed a survey with a myriad of questions for 200 of the world’s top CEOs to complete.

The 200 CEOs came from completely different companies. So in most cases, their styles of operating is completely different.

That means there were lots of questions and lots of different answers.

However, there’s one thing — actually the ONLY thing – that all 200 CEO’s had in common is they ALL said to the effect that:


Doesn’t it sound like a strange answer for a super-busy CEO to admit to?

But taking some time to be still was the ONLY unifying principle that all those top CEOs had in common.

They had all made great progress with the help of a state of stillness.

When their mind is still, all things become easy.

A still–quiet–mind is a successful mind.


Because a still-quiet-mind can help you get rid of all subconscious self-sabotaging beliefs.

Have you found this interesting fact: when your mind is busy, you have more thoughts and doubts about what you are able to do.

These negative thoughts and doubts will prevent you from “seeing” and acting on all the opportunities and options around you.

Incorporating a self-hypnosis practice everyday can help improve your mindset, and indeed your life.

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