How to Hypnotize Someone to Do What You Want

Many people want to discover how to hypnotize someone so they can get these people to do what they want. It’s important to bear in mind that hypnosis works a lot better when someone is aware that they are being hypnotized and they are willing to take part in the process. In this case it is quite easy to get someone to follow any recommendations that you give them, particularly if you have established that you have their best interests in mind.

It’s also significant to bear in mind that someone can pull themselves out of hypnosis at any time. If you are trying to humiliate someone or put them to do something they would not want to do when aware, chances are that your attempts will not work. But this is very different than someone that hopes to use hypnosis as a process to alter someone’s conscious conduct. If you are experiencing someone that is overly aggressive or takes part in bad activities that intervenes in your life, it is possible to use hypnotic techniques to get them to back down so you can get peace.

If you desire to use hypnosis on someone without them being directly aware of what you are doing, you can use a hypnotic technique with just your eyes. Before you try this, try to get a feel for whether or not this person has been hypnotized before and how it went. People that are naturally resistant to hypnosis will probably be harder to work with.

Approach this person when they are seated or in a place where they will be relaxed and there are minimal disruptions. This will make your efforts work. As you work to hypnotize them, observe their muscle moves and their breathing. Both should become quieter as the hypnosis takes hold.

As you start to hypnotize this person, stare hypnosis-do-you-wantdirectly into their eyes and try to get them to hold your stare. As they start to loosen up, count backwards from five. Indicate them that you are going to look deeper into their eyes. Search for a response at this time. If they behave negatively or pull away perhaps you may need to work at this longer to get themselves to the reactive state you need. If they have a good response you can proceed.

Tell them that they are gonna start becoming lighter or like they are drifting. You should notice their eyes start to broaden as you describe this sensation. As they show the response you want, give them the tip of the thing you wish them to do, like keep their work desk neater or quit smoking. You can then wake this man or woman up by counting backwards slowly and telling them to wake up. Their eyes should flutter and they will return to normal.

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