Hypnosis for IBS – New Study Published

A new study being released in the July issue of Int. Journal of Clinical Hypnosis reports that hypnosis is effective in more than reducing IBS symptoms. Renowned gastroentrologist Dr. P. Whorwell has been studying IBS relief with hypnosis for over 20 years. In this latest study he discusses the other benefits for individuals with IBS. IBS is a condition in which sufferers may experience severe diarrhea, constipation, pain, gas and other symptoms.

In many cases conventional medicine fails to alleviate the symptoms. Dr. Whorwell has found that hypnosis relieves these symptoms. In addition, the study shows that patients also report that their quality of life is effected. For instance, social activities are severely reduced, promotions may be declined, travel is eliminated. The study concluded that hypnosis “not only relieves symptoms but also appears to restore the psychological and physiological abnormalities associated with these conditions towards normal.” The recommendation is that hypnosis should be integrated into the conventional care that patients are receiving.

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