How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

In order to manifest change in your life you must be willing to do something different, or better yet you must be willing to do SOMETHING! For many of us, one of the most difficult things in life is learning how to take inspired action.

Do you feel “stuck”? Do you find it difficult to make changes? Do you make great plans, but fail to take action? Do you have good intentions, but fall short on the follow though? The truth of the matter is that no one can accomplish anything by standing still. Everything we do in life requires us to take action!

If you have tried to make changes and failed, you are certainly not alone. Change is one of the hardest thing most of us have to do in life. Many of us stay stuck in situations because we can’t find our way out. Much like being stuck in the maze of life, you can’t get far if you fail to take action.

Many of us fail to take action because action requires dedication and commitment and decision. We certainly have good intentions but it is hard to keep up the effort when you are fighting your subconscious thoughts. Your conscious mind does not like change so it is very difficult to make changes only using your conscious mind.

Most of us are programmed from an early age on how to think, how to act and how to feel. These subconscious thoughts are programmed into our mind where they become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact of the matter is that the subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and imagination; it simply records and replays everything you have even known or come in contact with. If you want to change your life, you need to begin by changing your mind at the subconscious level.

When you get really clear about what you want, everything in the world conspires to support you. When you align with your intentions, you have a much better chance of success. Many of us find it difficult to make changes because we try and change too much at once and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Much like a tipping point, sometimes all you need is a gentle shove in the right direction to start the ball rolling.

We all have different pillars in our lives that we are trying to improve at any given time. Some of these pillars include career, family life, relationships, health, spirituality and even things like finances. It is easy to get off balance but the truth of the matter is that you can’t fix everything at once! There is a theory that taking steps to improve one area or pillar of your life can result in the rebalancing or shifting in all of the other areas of your life. When you feel stuck, most often the best way to react is to GET MOVING! Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what direction you go, as long as you go somewhere. The point is to do something to move off of the dime.

Whether you are trying to quit smoking, lose weight or better your career, it is hard to make progress when you are constantly falling off the wagon. In essence, you choose the destiny of your life with each decision you make so often times the best way to approach a difficult situation is to simply focus in on that one thing that if improved, will have the biggest impact on everything else in your life.

Sometimes just making the decision to manifest change helps you to move off of the dime. Much like the butterfly effect, making one small move in one area of life often helps you in all the other areas of your life as well. This principle is also known as the domino effect. Sometimes all we need is a little momentum to get us started in order to begin the process of effortless change.

When we begin to consciously control instead of randomly create, we begin to create results with every thought, desire, and action.

When you ask yourself what it is it that truly gives your life meaning, and then take steps to improve that ONE THING, all of the other areas of your life begin shifting and moving as well like a cog in wheel.

When your life becomes unbalanced, you can tip the scales by focusing in on that one thing that will make the biggest impact. For some it might be better health, for others it may be more success or better relationships.

Each and every decision you make, changes your unfolding destiny! If you have struggled trying to make changes stick, this is the perfect session for you. This amazing session allows you to visualize and focus in on that one thing that if improved, will have the biggest impact in your life.Try our Inspired Action Hypnosis Session and get moving!

Don’t wait any longer to take inspired action. Select the one issue in your life that most needs to change and change your focus at any time.

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