How to Hypnotize Yourself for Success

Knowing how to hypnotize yourself and program your subconscious mind is great since you will grow certain abilities which can assist you accomplish your goals. Some individuals have the ability to get to the top through hard work, self-motivation, courage, perseverance among others, while other surrender due to low self-motivation and hurdles.

What’s Your Thought about Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis seems very mysterious to many people. People usually have a misunderstanding of hypnosis and thinks it weird and dangerous. In fact, self hypnosis is quite safe because you are conscious and you can control your mind. In fact, self hypnosis is very useful in our life. We can use self hypnosis for stress management and motivation. Self hypnosis is also a powerful treatment to sleep disorders.

How does Self Hypnosis Work for Stress Management

Self hypnosis can take you into a deep state of relaxation.Perform-Self-Hypnosis People in this state are calm and conscious and they are more likely to fight tension and trigger the relaxation response. Self hypnosis can improve people’s life and reduce the amount of stress encounter life by convincing themselves of undergoing various changes. As a result, self hypnosis works well to help people quit smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Using Self Hypnosis for Motivation

Self hypnosis can help you think positively. By accesses your subconscious mind, self hypnosis can make it easy to change the way that you think and believe about something. Self hypnosis can make you become more confident and give you endless courage to face a group of people without embarrassment or shyness. Self hypnosis also works well in improving people’s memory and concentration to increase their learning ability.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Sleep

hypnosis sleep disorders People in a hypnotic trance state experiences a deep relaxation and shows more suggestibility. Self hypnosis can increase people’s responsiveness to change bad behaviors which could lead to chronic illness such as insomnia. Self hypnosis is an effective treatment to sleep disorders.

How to perform self hypnosis

In order for self hypnosis to work, you should have a strong belief in its ability. The more you believe in self hypnosis, the more chance of success you will have. It’s hard to hypnotize someone who have doubts about hypnosis due to his low suggestibility. Before you do self hypnosis, make it clear of what you want to accomplish. Some people want to lose weight. Some people want to quit smoking. Write down your goal in a positive way. Here is the steps to perform self hypnosis:

Find a Calm, Comfortable Place

Doing this make self hypnosis simple and you will get the most out of it. If you’re shy, do not do this sitting outside on the front lawn. You will keep opening the eyes thinking your neighbor is watching you. So choose a place in your home and ensure your cell phone is turned off.

Sit Upright

Sit straight with the feet on the floor then get yourself centered. Some will tell you to lie down, but you can fall asleep if you do that.

Decide the Length of the Session

Decide the time you will take under hypnosis and what you want to get. The mind is so powerful, if you want to do it for 15 minutes make not of that and the mind will know when 15 minutes arrives. You are doing this to enable your unconscious mind make desirable changes that will enable you to be relaxed enough and not get stressed when troubles come up.

Focus on Something Small

Stare straight ahead then concentrate on something small. As well, try to pick anything at eye level.

Take deep Breaths

Take a few deep breaths through the nose. Ensure that you are breathing from the stomach. The stomach must rise and fall and not the chest. Relax as much as possible. Try to think that your eyelid is becoming heavier and heavier, as you continue staring at the object.

Close the Eyes

As you continue taking the deep breaths, close the eyes. Imagine all your tensions are leaving your body. Begin from your toes’ tip and work your way up the body as you tell every muscle to let go the tension. Remember the muscle on your face also. Once you have completed this, try to feel the way you are relaxed and feel yourself as you sink little by little into your seat. Tell yourself that each muscle in my body is relaxed completely.

View yourself at the top of a long staircase

Walk down the steps while being conscious that the further you go down, the deeper into relaxing you go. Picture that the stairs are taking you to the most peaceful place in the whole world.

Think of a Word That Describe Where You Are

The word will be used in future to return this wonderful relaxing feeling every time you want. Each time you are stressed out or want to experience this great feelings, say this word and trigger the feelings from the subconscious. Stay as long as you like in this special place just enjoy yourself.

Ending the Session

When you want to end the hypnosis session, say to yourself that you’re going to count from five to one, and when you arrive at one, you will be energized and completely awake. Count down slowly.

Feel How Great You Are

Take some time to feel how great you are. Gather your thoughts then let the emotions flow and enjoy your moment. If you like, keep a notebook nearby so as to write your feelings and thoughts and any idea that you may have at this time.

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