How To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing

Sometime or the other, we have secretly wished to get the power to hypnotize people without them coming to know of it. Can you imagine the thrill of making people believe in you, making them follow your commands and even influence the way they think. Different people may use the skill of hypnotizing a person differently. Some of us may use them to pursuit our dream lover while others may use them to get a raise from their boss.

There are a number of ways to hypnotize a person without he or she coming to know of it. It is not at all difficult to capture a person’s mind without approval. What varies from method to method is the way you induce the person to think and behave in the manner you desire. We will use conversational hypnosis to do it.

Conversational Hypnosis:

It involves the use of specific bodily behaviors and conversation in order to get a person hypnotized. Conversational Hypnosis involves the use of speech patterns, body language and predetermined phrases to capture a person’s subconscious mind. The theory behind conversational hypnosis is based on NeuroLinguistic Programming and Ericksonian hypnosis.

While performing conversational hypnosis on a person, you can talk about anything provided you make use of some predetermined phrases that have been designed and tested to capture a person’s mind. During the process of conversational hypnosis, the mood of the person undergoing hypnosis does not matter. What matters is how the person performing the hypnosis adheres to the pre-decided speech patterns.

What to do when performing conversational hypnosis?

The first requirement of conversational hypnosis is to get the subject’s attention towards you. Any conversation without the subject’s attention is a waste and will be non influential on the subject. To capture his or her attention, it is recommended to use some soothing words and relaxing actions. After you have gathered the subject’s attention, try to engage the subject’s senses. When you talk, try and nod your head and use your hands as a medium of expression. Use as much appreciation for the subject as you can in your language. Once the subject starts loving the conversation due to the appreciation it provides, he will develop a trust in you and be easy to be hypnotized.

Interruption of the way of doing things/pattern interruption.

As human beings we all have a certain predetermined way of performing different activities. This assists us in performing various complex activities easily. Any change in the way you do those pre-programmed activities can have a direct bearing on your mind. Therefore, if by any means you can alter the way a person does his routine activities, you can also have a control over his mind. For example while shaking hands a person usually looks into the other person’s eyes. If you are trying to hypnotize someone, shake hands and make him look at his hands. Immediately thereafter, look into his eyes and you would feel an immediate influence on the subject.

Hypnosis is a piece of cake if you really know how to use specific words and perform certain actions in order to influence a person’s mind. The fact remains that for any technique of hypnosis to be effective, you need to be at a certain level of trust with the person you wish to influence.

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