How to Hypnotize Someone With Your Eyes

Would you like to have an ability to hypnotize another person instantly? Do you wish you have a real world super power to hypnotize someone with only your eyes? Actually, there is science behind hypnosis. Follow me to learn something about the subconscious mind. With practice, you can have this magic power.

hypnotize someone with your eyes

People in the state of a subconscious mind shows great suggestibility. They believe that the images floating in their mind are real and actually happening. Eye contact can trigger someone to enter into such a state of mind with a hypnotic induction. By looking directly into the subject’s eyes without blinking, hypnotists can easily hypnotize another person.

Practice eye-focusing exercises

Eye-focusing exercises are designed to improve eye focus and strengthen the power of eye accommodation.
Using your eyes to hypnotize a person needs a lot of concentration. Be careful! Blinking will break eye contact connection with the subject and make it hard to hypnotize a person. So practice your eye to have the ability to maintain eye contact without blinking, which is very important to the success of hypnosis. A simple method is to look at the nearby pencil point or any close object, then at some distant object; return to the pencil point and continue.

Practice hypnosis techniques with your best friend

Your best friend or other one who trusts you will easily follow your orders and shows great suggestibility. Explain to your friend you will perform hypnosis on him or her. Make your subject feel relax and comfortable.

Let your partner sit down in a chair in the position facing you directly. Look closely at your partner for any changes in breathing pattern which will suggest the state of your partner’s subconscious mind. All details will become your experience.

Instruct your partner to focus his eyes on a spot beneath your right eye and avoid breaking the gaze unless you instructed to do so. Then look into your partner’s eyes and maintain a strong and unwavering eye-to-eye contact without blinking. Allow your partner to relax through his or her body.

Then, start counting from 1 to 5 slowly in a soothing, soft voice. At the same time, lock your eyes into your partner’s eyes. Tell your partner that their eyes are getting heavy and closing. Next, send the command: Sleep Now! Tell your partner that they are in a deep sleep.

You may not succeed at first time. But success comes after many failure. Practice makes perfect! If you understand the art of conversational hypnosis, it becomes less difficult for you to hypnotize someone with your eyes and words.

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