How To Hypnotize A Dog

People live together with dogs in harmony. Of course, dogs are man’s best friends. Just like our own baby, we treat our pet dog as one of the family member. Now the question comes: How to communicate with my pet dog? How to hypnotize a dog?  Below are useful tips to communicate and hypnotize a dog.

Dogs can be hypnotized

Chickens are the simplest hypnosis subjects. Any species of chicken can be hypnotized easily. In fact, a majority of animals can be hypnotized, including dogs!

Start to hypnotize your pet dog since he’s young

The first few months of a pet dog’ life is the best time for us to build a trust and have the greatest influence on him. It needs more patience and effort to hypnotize an old age dog.

Choose a quiet place

To be lively and active is dogs’  nature. Keep away from sounds and noises out of doors because they can easily distract a dog and get the dog awake. It’s much easier to put a dog into a hypnotic trance in a peaceful atmosphere. Dogs are stupid and their natural response is to run towards noises.

Talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice

Try to talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice just like you speak to an infant. Your dog will get accustomed to your voice and command by practice.

Here is a quick start

Choose a cozy place such as chair, sofa, and bed or anywhere next to your dog. Then keep patting his abdomen area in a tender comforting movements. Make sure you do it very smoothly and slow. You can also move your hand over your dog’s body. It’s crucial to touch gently almost every part of your dog to let him adjust to your touch and movement. Then start to talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice as you breathe slowly in and out to put your pet into a hypnotic trance… See also how to hypnotize a person to sleep.

End of hypnosis

When prepared to get your dog out of trance, hold his body with a firm command voice then turn your dog over to make him awake. Don’t forget to appraise your dog for his behavior.

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