Covert Hypnosis – About Black Ops hypnosis 

Black Ops hypnosis is also known as underground hypnosis or Covert hypnosis, which could be described as knowing and thinking more about social interaction.Traditional hypnosis involves a controlled environment, but Black Ops hypnosis can be performed secretly or at any place and at any time in an uncontrolled environment. A person without any knowledge of hypnosis can also learn Black Ops hypnosis.

By simply following certain instructions, one can become a master of this art. But the reason chosen to learn this art should be genuine.

Learning Black Ops Hypnosis

A Black Ops hypnosis practitioner is fully versed with social interaction and is aware of the behavior of people around him. He can possess control over another person by simply out-thinking and researching the dynamics of the social situation. Slowly he becomes master in any social situation and remains more aware because he applies his own techniques.There are few techniques of Black Ops hypnosis which, are based on the ground level technology known as The Majors, who were the first to invent Black Ops technique.

The Major comprises of four main strategies such as:Hypnosis, Social Engineering, Seduction, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Stategies;These strategies are divided into various arts or tactics, of which following are some:Alpha function:This art helps you become Alpha male / female in any social environment through social engineering techniques.

The black mirror operation

This is an art which makes any other person just like you at the very first sight.The iron man pattern:Through this art you acquire extreme confidence within, using your personality controls.The no clever technique:In this art you put someone in a trance through normal conversation without letting him or her know.  The idea behind black Ops hypnosis is to outthink your prospect and always be two steps ahead of people around you.Combining these techniques you can produce potent forces to gain control on others. The techniques have become more harmonized, combined with techniques from other fields of persuasion and influence.

Practitioners usually talk with the subject for a long time irrelevant of what the subject is talking about. This will make the subject feel great. When the subject goes on talking, the practitioner thinks about his next move. After 30 minutes, the person who has been hypnotized will do whatever the practitioner wants. This simple technique gives you immediate power. These techniques if used properly can work at an astonishing rate. You can easily go to any person and talk in a few carefully chosen words and may find, very soon, that the person seeks your approval or follows your commands.

This will make you powerful in a manner you have never thought of in your life.Some advantages of Black Ops hypnosis are: Cures insomnia and allows you to fall asleep instantly. You can find your own way out of any kind of sticky or unwanted situation. People will start liking you instantly. You would be the centre of attraction. If you doubt that somebody is cheating you, you could always find out the truth. You will develop a photographic memory.

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