How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

In order to manifest change in your life you must be willing to do something different, or better yet you must be willing to do SOMETHING! For many of us, one of the most difficult things in life is learning how to take inspired action.

Do you feel “stuck”? Do you find it difficult to make changes? Do you make great plans, but fail to take action? Do you have good intentions, but fall short on the follow though? The truth of the matter is that no one can accomplish anything by standing still. Everything we do in life requires us to take action! [Read more...]

What Do You Have the Power to Create in Your Life

It is difficult to prosper in life, without having high expectations for yourself. If your life is not quite where is should be, it might be time to ask yourself what your expectations are. Many of us simply expect to fail, or perhaps simply do not expect to truly succeed.  Expecting the best for yourself means learning how to have hope again. Maybe you aren’t successful, because you don’t really believe you deserve it! Now there’s a novel concept. [Read more...]

The Little Town of Fear

Do you live in the town of fear?

It turns out happiness is not a place or even a destination; it’s a decision you must consciously make. No one can give it to you, and no one can take it away. You have the ultimate say when it comes to your happiness, whether you believe that or not. I would like to tell you a little story now, because I find that stories can really help people absorb information better. Stories help us tap into the right side of our brain, which is our creative side. [Read more...]