How to Hypnotize Someone Into Loving You

Do you want to hypnotize someone without letting them know? Do you want to hypnotize a girl or boy to love you, be nice and pleasant with you? With hypnosis this is possible. You can have the love of your life right beside you, showing you all the love and affection that you so desire. This article will show you how to hypnotize someone into loving you.

What is hypnosis?

This is simply an adoption of seductive techniques that create deep emotional rapport with people and make them fall in love subconsciously.

Hypnotizing is one very effective way of making someone fall in love with you. Take your spouse for example. You love him/her dearly but there comes a time when the two of you don’t get along. You disguise these bad feelings and want to solve the problem. Wouldn’t it be better if you and your lover get along, love each other on daily basis and make things easier? Follow the following hypnosis tips and get your love to be crazy for you.

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Eye contact

If you are with someone you love, maintain eye contact as much as possible but don’t make them feel uncomfortable. This simple action draws them closer and makes them helpless to your charms. Even if you are less-experienced on how to hypnotize someone to love you, doing just this will change your relationship for the better.

Set the mood

You want to make a person love you? Then make him/her feel relaxed. Hypnosis is less likely to happen if someone is uncomfortable or stressed. Make the place where you plan to hypnotize your partner conducive and calm. It can happen at any given time of the day as long as the timing is good.


Another way to hypnotize someone is by being a reflection of him or her. This simply involves copying everything that your lover does. If you are out for a dinner and he/she reaches out for a drink, do the same. This way, your lover will start feeling more comfortable with you and within no time you will achieve your goals.

Show love, care, warmth and loyalty

Even if sometimes your lover’s behavior make you feel uncomfortable, it’s never a wise choice to show your negative side of you. Show your love every time you have the opportunity.

Keep ericksonian hypnosis in mind

This style enables you to hypnotize your lover with positive words. This technique only requires you to somehow change the way you think and incorporate some encouraging and positive words with an aim of reinforcing positive situations rather than dooming subjects that can make another person to hate you.

Subliminal video and tools

You can use subliminal video and tools to help you hypnotize your lover fast. With this you can easily get your message across loud and clear without putting more efforts.

Maintain the right attitude

You can make someone to love you by simply maintaining the right attitude from the beginning. If you act confidently in you capabilities on hypnotizing and casual about the entire process, your subject will believe in you and act positively.

Specific things that we do or say can make an individual helplessly drawn to you. As long as you are convinced that he/she is the one for you, follow these tips and strengthen your relationship. With effective hypnosis your dreamlover will have only eyes for you!

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