5 Signs of Past Life


Have you ever got a feeling of fear when you look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them? That may suggest you have a past life. There’s a 3000-year history that our souls or spirits reincarnate. Many recordings can be found in the ancient traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids. There exists a tantalizing belief that our spirits are not confined to limited lifetime. Experiences of past life may affect our current physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological personalities in various ways. Below are 5 signs of past life.

1. So real dreams like you are actually there.

Have you ever dreamed of yourself in different times and places and found this dream so vivid and detailed? That might be clues of past life. But not all past-life recollections are actual memories: they may also stand forĀ  symbols and metaphors that need to be interpreted so that their meaning and message can become clear. You’d better think of these past-life scenes more as a poem than a history text.

2. You have a soul mate.

A soul group is a group of infinite beings of consciousness who help us learn life lessons. To resolve our karma with our soul groups, the same group of souls can travel through different lives. These souls are same but relationships may change from life to life. For example, your grandfather might reincarnate as your grandson. In this sense we never lose our loved ones, because we are always being reunited either on the other side or back here in physical bodies.

3. Weird memories.

Many of us have memories of things that family and friends can attest never occurred. Are these memories simply fantastic or remembrance of lives past? Actually, human memory is a fraught with error and incongruities.

4. Affinity for foreign culture.

Have you ever found yourself being attracted to certain people or to certain cultures, even if you’ve never visited them? You might find you are a genious in learning certain subjects or prepare for a profession. Talents and abilities, likes and dislikes, and attractions and aversions can also be clues to past lives.

5. You have birthmarks.

Birthmarks have been considered to be evidence of reincarnation. In one fascinating case, an Indian boy claimed to remember the life of a man named Maha Ram, who was killed with a shotgun fired at close range. This boy had an array of birthmarks in the center of his chest that looked like they could possibly correspond to a shotgun blast. So the story was checked out. Indeed, there was a man named Maha Ram who was killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. An autopsy report recorded the man’s chest wounds — which corresponded directly with the boy’s birthmarks.

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