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How to Hypnotize Someone Into Loving You

how to hypnotize a girl

Do you want to hypnotize someone without letting them know? Do you want that person to love you, be nice and pleasant with you? With hypnosis this is possible. You can have the love of your life right beside you, showing you all the love and affection that you so desire. This article will show you how to hypnotize someone into loving you.

What is hypnosis?

This is simply an adoption of seductive techniques that create deep emotional rapport with people and make them fall in love subconsciously.

Hypnotizing is one very effective way of making someone fall in love with you. Take for example your spouse. You love him/her dearly but there comes a time when the two of you don’t get along. You fight and this results to bad feelings towards one another. Wouldn’t it be better if the two of get along, love each other on daily basis and make things easier? Follow the following hypnosis tips and get your love to love you back:

Eye contact

If you are with someone you love, maintain eye contact as much as possible but don’t make them feel uncomfortable. This simple move draws them closer and makes them helpless to your charms. Even if you are experienced on how to hypnotize someone into loving you, doing just this will change your relationship for the better.

Set the mood                        the_tao_of_badass_review

You want to make a person love you? Then make him/her feel relaxed. Hypnosis is less likely to happen if someone is uncomfortable or stressed. Make the place where you plan to hypnotize your target conducive and calm. It can happen at any given time of the day as long as the timing is good.


Another way to hypnotize someone is by being a reflection of him or her. This simply involves copying everything that an individual does. If you are out for a dinner and he/she reaches out for a drink, do the same. This way, your target will start feeling more comfortable with you and within no time you will achieve your goals.

Show love, care, warmth and fondness

Even if sometimes you don’t like that person’s guts, it is not good to show your negative side of you. Show him love every time you have the opportunity.

Keep ericksonian hypnosis in mind

This style enables you to hypnotize your target with positive words. This technique only requires you to somehow change the way you think and incorporate some encouraging and positive words with an aim of reinforcing positive situations rather than dooming subjects that can make another person to hate you.

Subliminal video and tools

You can use subliminal video and tools to help you hypnotize your subject fast. With this you can easily get your message across loud and clear without putting more efforts.

Maintain the right attitude

You can make someone to love you by simply maintaining the right attitude from the beginning. If you act confidently in you capabilities on hypnotizing and casual about the entire process, your subject will believe in you and act positively.

Specific things that we do or say can make an individual helplessly drawn to you. As long as you are convinced that he/she is the one for you, follow these tips and take your relationship to greater heights. With effective hypnosis your target will have only eyes for you!

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How To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing

Hypnotize People Without Them Knowing

Sometime or the other, all of us have secretly wished to get the power to hypnotize people without them coming to know of it. Can you imagine the thrill of making people believe in you, making them follow your commands unquestioned and even influence the way they think. Different people may use the skill of hypnotizing a person differently. Some of us may use them to woo our dream lover while others may use them to get a raise from their boss.

There are a number of ways to hypnotize a person without he or she coming to know of it. It is not at all difficult to capture a person’s mind without approval. What varies from method to method is the way you induce the person to think and behave in the manner you desire. We will use conversational hypnosis to do it.

Conversational Hypnosis:

It involves the use of specific bodily behaviors and conversation in order to get a person hypnotized. Conversational Hypnosis involves the use of speech patterns, body language and predetermined phrases to capture a person’s subconscious mind. The theory behind conversational hypnosis is based on NeuroLinguistic Programming and Ericksonian hypnosis.

While carrying out conversational hypnosis on a person, you can talk about anything provided you make use of some predetermined phrases that have been designed and tested to capture a person’s mind. During the process of conversational hypnosis, the mood of the person undergoing hypnosis does not matter. What matters is how the person performing the hypnosis adheres to the pre-decided speech patterns.

What to do when performing conversational hypnosis?

The first requirement of conversational hypnosis is to get the subject’s attention towards you. Any conversation without the subject’s attention is a waste and will be non influential on the subject. To capture his or her attention, it is recommended to use some soothing words and relaxing actions. After you have gathered the subject’s attention, try to engage the subject’s senses. When you talk, try and nod your head and use your hands as a medium of expression. Use as much appreciation for the subject as you can in your language. Once the subject starts loving the conversation due to the appreciation it provides, he will develop a trust in you and be easy to be hypnotized.

Interruption of the way of doing things/pattern interruption.

As human beings we all have a certain predetermined way of performing different activities. This assists us in performing various complex activities easily. Any change in the way you do those pre-programmed activities can have a direct bearing on your mind. Therefore, if by any means you can alter the way a person does his routine activities, you can also have a control over his mind. For example while shaking hands a person usually looks into the other person’s eyes. If you are trying to hypnotize someone, shake hands and make him look at his hands. Immediately thereafter, look into his eyes and you would feel an immediate influence on the subject.

Hypnosis is a piece of cake if you really know how to use specific words and perform certain actions in order to influence a person’s mind. The fact remains that for any technique of hypnosis to be effective, you need to be at a certain level of trust with the person you wish to influence.


How to Hypnotize Yourself for Success

Knowing how to hypnotize yourself and program your subconscious mind is great since you will grow certain abilities which can assist you accomplish your goals. Some individuals have the ability to get to the top through hard work, self-motivation, courage, perseverance among others, while other surrender due to low self-motivation and hurdles.

What’s Your Thought about Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis seems very mysterious to many people. People usually have a misunderstanding of hypnosis and thinks it weird and dangerous. In fact, self hypnosis is quite safe because you are conscious and you can control your mind. In fact, self hypnosis is very useful in our life. We can use self hypnosis for stress management and motivation. Self hypnosis is also a powerful treatment to sleep disorders.

How does Self Hypnosis Work for Stress Management

Self hypnosis can take you into a deep state of relaxation.Perform-Self-Hypnosis People in this state are calm and conscious and they are more likely to fight tension and trigger the relaxation response. Self hypnosis can improve people’s life and reduce the amount of stress encounter life by convincing themselves of undergoing various changes. As a result, self hypnosis works well to help people quit smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Using Self Hypnosis for Motivation

Self hypnosis can help you think positively. By accesses your subconscious mind, self hypnosis can make it easy to change the way that you think and believe about something. Self hypnosis can make you become more confident and give you endless courage to face a group of people without embarrassment or shyness. Self hypnosis also works well in improving people’s memory and concentration to increase their learning ability.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Sleep

hypnosis sleep disorders People in a hypnotic trance state experiences a deep relaxation and shows more suggestibility. Self hypnosis can increase people’s responsiveness to change bad behaviors which could lead to chronic illness such as insomnia. Self hypnosis is an effective treatment to sleep disorders.

How to perform self hypnosis

In order for self hypnosis to work, you should have a strong belief in its ability. The more you believe in self hypnosis, the more chance of success you will have. It’s hard to hypnotize someone who have doubts about hypnosis due to his low suggestibility. Before you do self hypnosis, make it clear of what you want to accomplish. Some people want to lose weight. Some people want to quit smoking. Write down your goal in a positive way. Here is the steps to perform self hypnosis:

 Find a Calm, Comfortable Place

Doing this make self hypnosis simple and you will get the most out of it. If you’re shy, do not do this sitting outside on the front lawn. You will keep opening the eyes thinking your neighbor is watching you. So choose a place in your home and ensure your cell phone is turned off.

Sit Upright

Sit straight with the feet on the floor then get yourself centered. Some will tell you to lie down, but you can fall asleep if you do that.

Decide the Length of the Session

Decide the time you will take under hypnosis and what you want to get. The mind is so powerful, if you want to do it for 15 minutes make not of that and the mind will know when 15 minutes arrives. You are doing this to enable your unconscious mind make desirable changes that will enable you to be relaxed enough and not get stressed when troubles come up.

Focus on Something Small

Stare straight ahead then concentrate on something small. As well, try to pick anything at eye level.

Take deep Breaths

Take a few deep breaths through the nose. Ensure that you are breathing from the stomach. The stomach must rise and fall and not the chest. Relax as much as possible. Try to think that your eyelid is becoming heavier and heavier, as you continue staring at the object.

Close the Eyes

As you continue taking the deep breaths, close the eyes. Imagine all your tensions are leaving your body. Begin from your toes’ tip and work your way up the body as you tell every muscle to let go the tension. Remember the muscle on your face also. Once you have completed this, try to feel the way you are relaxed and feel yourself as you sink little by little into your seat. Tell yourself that each muscle in my body is relaxed completely.

View yourself at the top of a long staircase

Walk down the steps while being conscious that the further you go down, the deeper into relaxing you go. Picture that the stairs are taking you to the most peaceful place in the whole world.

Think of a Word That Describe Where You Are

The word will be used in future to return this wonderful relaxing feeling every time you want. Each time you are stressed out or want to experience this great feelings, say this word and trigger the feelings from the subconscious. Stay as long as you like in this special place just enjoy yourself.

Ending the Session

When you want to end thehypnosis session, say to yourself that you’re going to count from five to one, and when you arrive at one, you will be energized and completely awake. Count down slowly.

Feel How Great You Are

Take some time to feel how great you are. Gather your thoughts then let the emotions flow and enjoy your moment. If you like, keep a notebook nearby so as to write your feelings and thoughts and any idea that you may have at this time.


How to Hypnotize Someone With Your Eyes

Would you like to have an ability to hypnotize another person? Do you wish you have a real world super power to hypnotize someone with only your eyes? Actually, there is science behind hypnosis. Follow me to learn something about the subconscious mind. With practice, you can have this magic power.hypnotize someone with your eyes

People in the state of a subconscious mind shows great suggestibility. They believe that the images floating in their mind are real and actually happening. Eye contact can trigger someone to enter into such a state of mind with a hypnotic induction. By looking directly into the subject’s eyes  without blinking, hypnotists can easily hypnotize another person.

Practice eye-focusing exercises

Eye-focusing exercises are designed to  improve eye focus and strengthen the power of  eye accommodation.
Using your eyes to hypnotize a person needs a lot of concentration. Be careful! Blinking will break eye contact connection with the subject and make it hard to hypnotize a person. So practice your eye to have the ability to maintain eye contact without blinking, which is very important to the success of hypnosis. A simple method is to  look at the nearby pencil point or any close object, then at some distant object; return to the pencil point and continue.

Practice hypnosis techniques with your best friend

Your best friend or other one who trusts you will easily follow your orders and shows great suggestibility. Explain to your friend you will perform hypnosis on him or her. Make your subject feel relax and comfortable.

Let your partner sit down in a chair in the position facing you directly. Look closely at your partner for any changes in breathing pattern which will suggest the state of your partner’s subconscious mind. All details will become your experience.

Instruct your partner to focus his eyes on a spot beneath your right eye and avoid breaking the gaze unless you instructed to do so. Then look into your partner’s eyes and maintain a strong and unwavering eye-to-eye contact without blinking. Allow your partner to relax through his or her body.

Then, start counting from 1 to 5 slowly in a soothing, soft voice. At the same time, lock your eyes into your partner’s eyes. Tell your partner that their eyes are getting heavy and closing. Next, send the command: Sleep Now! Tell your partner that they are in a deep sleep.

You may not succeed at first time. But success comes after many failure. Practice makes perfect! If you understand the art of conversational hypnosis, it becomes less difficult for you to hypnotize someone with your eyes and words.


Top Powerful Hypnotic Words: A Complete List

powerful hypnotic words

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ~ Rudyard Kipling

Hypnotic words have the power to influence and control others.

Why? Because words build relationships.

Hypnotic words are more attractive than amazing photos, catchy videos and imaginative graphics.

Imagine if you had the power to hypnotize someone even without them knowing.

Imagine if you could hypnotize a girl into loving you.

Imagine if you could use power resume words to increase your chance of getting hired by 80%!

You are wondering whether this can happen in real world. The answer is Absolutely Yes!
Because certain trigger words can subtly influence people’s subconscious minds.

Powerful  hypnotic words to build trust and leadership.

1.I’m sorry”

In spite of your best intentions, sometimes your actions had inadvertently eroded trust and confidence. Say “I’m sorry” as soon as possible to rebuild the trust. Saying “I’m sorry” shows remorse instead of saying “I apologize”. It means you recognize your mistake and accept your own vulnerability. Trust exists with vulnerability. We can begin healing ourselves with “I’m sorry”.

2.”Can you help me?”

Jeff Haden explains these 4 powerful words in his article.

Yes, we are not kids any more! We have experienced so much and earned our place in the world.

But we are not superman. Sometimes we need help indeed.

Saying ”Can you help me?” shows you respect and trust other people. By giving them the latitude to freely share their expertise or knowledge, you get the help you really need.

3.”Thank you”

When we get help or receive something from others, we always say thank you.

“Thank you” are not only polite words, but also powerful words in your leadership tool kit.

Express your thanks in a specific and detailed way instead of “Thank you for everything”. You should also explain why.

A simple “Thank you” here and there can boost efficiency and even help your business make more money.

Below are some powerful words I collected online.

Becky Gaylord: 12 Most Powerful Words for Parents

  1. Whisper
  2. Perhaps
  3. Safe
  4. Sorry
  5. Stop
  6. Eyes
  7. Yes
  8. Learning
  9. Capable
  10. Present
  11. Always
  12. Laugh

Zeenat Merchant Syal: 5 Powerful Words that Will Positively Change Your Life

  1. “We” instead of “me”
  2. Use appreciative and asking words
  3. Use “love” all the time
  4. Use “sorry” Asap
  5. A polite word

Anita Fiander: Top 10 Powerful Words to Keep You Motivated

  1. Purpose
  2. Planning
  3. Acceptance
  4. Reward
  5. Health
  6. Motivation
  7. Organization
  8. Refresh
  9. Networking
  10. Action

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Well known as hypnotherapy, hyonosis is considered as a natural and effective treatment for sleep disorders. High quality sleep can guarantee the body rest well and regenerate to work on a daily basis. Hypnosis has been used ont only for curing insomnia, but also for achieving sounder sleep.

How does hypnosis work on sleep?

A person in hypnotic trance is in a deep state of relaxation and shows more suggestbility. Since hypnosis can help improve an individual’s responsiveness, it’s often used to chang nagative patterns of behaviors which could be leading to chronic illness such as insodima. Hypnosis is very effective to relieve sleep disorders associated with stress.

In fact, self-hypnosis has been widely used in treatment of sleep disorders. Recent studies prove that self-hypnosis can distract a person’s attention away from stress and make the patient focus on relaxation.

What are the benefits of hypnosis for sleep?

Hypnosis may be one of the best treatments of sleep disorders. Hypnotherapy is powerful in curing nightmares, sleep terrors, bedwetting, and sleepwalking. Many sleep disorders are caused by stress and anxiety. People who are truly hypnotized are in a state of deep relaxation which turns negative thought patterns into more positive ones.

How to Use Hypnosis for Sleep

If you are suffering from sleep disorders, you’d better consult your personal doctor to make certain that your sleep problems aren’t a symptom of an underlying medical illness. You may also consult a hypnotherapist. You can learn self-hypnosis with a popular home study course currently available called: The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis.

Click here to learn more about The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis and how it can help you.


How To Hypnotize A Dog

dog in hypnotic trance

People live together with dogs in harmony. Of course, dogs are man’s best friends. Just like our own baby, we treat our pet dog as one of the family member. Now the question comes: How to communicate with my pet dog? How to hypnotize a dog?  Below are useful tips to communicate and hypnotize a dog.

Dogs can be hypnotized

Chickens are the simplest hypnosis subjects. Any species of chicken can be hypnotized easily. In fact, a majority of animals can be hypnotized, including dogs!

Start to hypnotize your pet dog since he’s young

The first few months of a pet dog’ life is the best time for us to build a trust and have the greatest influence on him. It needs more patience and effort to hypnotize an old age dog.

Choose a quiet place

To be lively and active is dogs’  nature. Keep away from sounds and noises out of doors because they can easily distract a dog and get the dog awake. It’s much easier to put a dog into a hypnotic trance in a peaceful atmosphere. Dogs are stupid and their natural response is to run towards noises.

Talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice

Try to talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice just like you speak to an infant. Your dog will get accustomed to your voice and command by practice.

Here is a quick start

Choose a cozy place such as chair, sofa, and bed or anywhere next to your dog. Then keep patting his abdomen area in a tender comforting movements. Make sure you do it very smoothly and slow. You can also move your hand over your dog’s body. It’s crucial to touch gently almost every part of your dog to let him adjust to your touch and movement. Then start to talk to your dog with a soft and soothing voice as you breathe slowly in and out to put your pet into a hypnotic trance…

End of hypnosis

When prepared to get your dog out of trance, hold his body with a firm command voice then turn your dog over to make him awake. Don’t forget to appraise your dog for his behavior.


How Does Hypnosis Work As Therapy

How Does Hypnosis Work As Therapy

Hypnosis specialists achieve their objective through working on the subconscious mind by reprogramming. This part of the mind is very powerful as compared to other parts and contributes to the human fearful actions, habits and involuntary responses like heart beat and sweating. Although this part is powerful, it cannot easily comprehend language. This explains the ease of explaining to another person to understand a particular message.

Actually, with consciousness, an individual is able to comprehend and contribute to different tasks. However, the subconscious mind cannot enable one to perform such tasks hence the recurrence of fear of something even after a reassurance that there is no expected danger. This is caused by this part of the mind that does not have any initial understanding. On the other hand, the conscious part of the mind understands but is independent of the actions of the subconscious mind. An example is the compelling urge to smoke or even overfeed hence the need for humans to link with the subconscious mind in order to attain a permanent status. These are important factors to consider in the discussion how does hypnosis work.

Hypnosis by hypnotherapists

These are highly trained specialists who can explain the topic how does hypnosis work. They can guide their patients into a trance status which is hypnosis. These professionals have the ability to reach the human subconscious mind through visualizations, specific language and metaphors. They can communicate to this part of the mind and tell it that the current fear can be eliminated. They do this by, for example, guiding a patient to view the source of fear as a harmless subject. Their special language to the subconscious mind effectively communicates their intended message.

When this practice is done in the correct manner, the subconscious mind receives an influential message concerning the source of fear. The message will cause the subconscious mind to understand the harmlessness of the perceived source of fear and no longer react automatically to fear. This declares the patient free of the phobia.

Benefits associated with hypnosis

The individual benefits include: creation of a sense of self wellness, minimum stress & anxiety, minimum feeling of pain caused by a certain disease or surgery, a suggestion propelled anesthesia, psychomatic illnesses control, control of the various body actions like excess sweating, bleeding and heart beat rate. Other benefits include: improved brain power, memory, self confidence, attention & learning ability, cure phobias, eliminating unnecessary negative views, eliminating inappropriate habits like smoking, bulimia, personalities and anorexia nervosa. You can also hypnotize yourselves for success.

The fact about hypnosis that will always remain is that, no individual can make a patient do what is against their personal behavior, values and morals. This is only possible when the subject is willing as no manipulation is possible. Hypnotherapists know that it is important for their patients to remain conscious during this process. The professionals only make their patients act with dependence on the patients’ conscious mind and subconscious mind. The hypnosis trance can be stopped any time willingly. Actually, this topic how does hypnosis work is supported by a lot of scientific research.


how to hypnotise a person

Hypnotic trance is one conscious state of human instinct. When people in a state of relaxation take a hint, they will easily obey others’ command and take a response. Below will introduce 5 basic steps to hypnotize someone instantly. It’s easy for you to learn and to use.

Step 1 of 5: Diagnosis

You should understand the motivation and demand of your partner. Make an inquiry about his existing views on hypnosis and settle his doubts about hypnosis. Make sure that he knows what will happen during hypnosis to avoid unreasonable expectations.

Step 2 of 5: Induction

You’d better choose a quiet, cosy and warm environment to make your partner feel relaxed, comfortable and safe of himself. Ask your partner to lie down on a comfortable bed and let him adjust to the bed. When he has prepared for hypnosis, then we can get started.

We will use progressive relaxation method to hypnotize him. Speak leisurely with a steady, soothing and low voice. You can use words like this:

“Now,adjust your body in the most comfortable position.”

“Please close your eyes. Close your eyes, you will begin to relax.”

“Pay attention to your feelings. Let your soul scans from head to toe slowly like a scanner. Where your soul scans, there will be relaxed.”
“From now on, you find that your heart turns to be calm. As if you entered into another wonderful world far away from earthliness. You can only hear my voice and background music. Other noise from the outside won’t disturb you.”
“Now, pay attention to your breath. You should take a very deep deep-breathing, regular deep-breathing. Slowly breather the air, then slowly breathe out the air.”

“When you inhale, imagine that you breathe the oxygen of the air. The oxygen flow through your body and penetrate your blood. These wonderful oxygen make your body full of fresh energy.”

“When you exhale, imagine that you breathe out all the carbon dioxide in your body and breathe out all the tiredness, annoyance and tension. Let all the displeasure and discomfort leave away from you.”

“Every deep-breathing will bring you in a deeper, more relaxing and more comfortable state.”

“From now on, continue taking a deep breath. You listen to my guide when you take a deep breath. Naturally, you don’t need to think anything and you don’t want to think. Just follow my guide, very soon you will enter into a very deep, very comfortable hypnosis trance. ”

“Now, pay attention to the top of your head. Relax your scalp…”

“Relax your skull, too…”

“Pay attention to your eyebrow. Relax the muscle around your eyebrow…”

“Relax the muscle around your ears…”

“Relax the muscle around your cheek…”

“Relax the muscle around your chin…”

“Relax your neck…”

“Relax your shoulder. Your shoulder bears much tension and pressure ordinarily and now release them out.”

“Relax your left hand…”

“Relax your right hand…”

“Pay attention to your chest. Relax both the bone and muscle around your chest…”

“Pay attention to your back. Relax both the spine and muscle …”

“Relax the muscle of abdomen thoroughly like a dream, then your breath will be much deeper and more relaxing…”
“Relax your left leg…”

Relax your right leg…”

“Continue keeping a deep breath. Every time you take a deep breath, you feel more relaxed and more comfortable.”
When the partner’s facial expression grow composed and breath grow slight, we can make sure that he has enter into light hypnosis trance.

Step 3 of 5: Deepening

Here we will use the time-honored and well-tried Dave Elman technique. For information in detail, please visit here: http://www.wikihow.com/Hypnotize-Someone-Using-The-Dave-Elman-Technique

We will guide our partner from light hypnosis trance to deeper hypnosis trance.

Step 4 of 5: Healing

I think this phase is the most fascinating section of hypnotic therapy. You will really feel happy for quite a few days when you heal a patient.

Step 5 of 5: Ending

We will guide our partner from hypnosis trance to a normal state of consciousness. Tell your partner you are going to count backwards. When you reach one, tell them their eyes will open and they will feel relaxed. Make sure you count slowly with your voice getting less soothing and more awake with each number.

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One of the course success stories stated:

“I am enjoying the course, I have just gotten to the story telling part. I thought it would be hard to make up stuff continuously, but its getting easier. I live right next to the local college, so I have plenty of subjects to try it on…

And I’ve had real success in the bank with this type of hypnosis… I got them to front me some money… which is a shock… because my credit is horrible! I just relaxed them and asked for it. Thanks a lot.”  Jason Gillikin–Sales & Marketing Executive

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone fast, this might well be the best option.

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